Heather Bullach

Heather Bullach is a portrait and landscape artist. Working primarily in oils, her style ranges from tight realism to expressive impressionism. Whether painting an accurate likeness or a landscape inspired by her rural Ohio surroundings or frequent visits to Charleston, SC, capturing an essence and mood beyond the physical surface is her focus.  She earned her bachelors degree in art at Malone University in 2011. Her work is widely exhibited around northeast Ohio, including three solo exhibitions since 2011. She currently teaches painting at Malone University and resides in Canton, Ohio.


The Canton Arts District All-Stars Exhibition winner in 2015

The Mary Ellen McFadden Award for artistic achievement in 2011

The Ohio Watercolor Society 2010 Scholarship

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Artist Statement

I am captivated by light: The way it shifts, creates colors, evokes moods and emotions; the way it changes with the time of day, with the weather, and with the season. I love capturing these nuances whether they are playing across a face and figure or in the landscapes around my Northeast Ohio home.


Portraits are my first love. I aim to catch a beauty that goes beyond the physical: to show the spirit of those I paint. Little gives me as much joy as watching someone come to life on my canvas. I recently found a love for landscapes as well. In them I also work to capture a feeling and energy of the time and place that extends beyond the physical elements. 


My background has been to strive towards photo-realism. In recent years, I’ve found a joy in painting more freely, leaving my brush strokes, and letting the paint be paint. I find myself dancing between these two approaches and am thrilled when a piece finds that perfect marriage of the two: the accuracy of a photograph, with the life and expressivity of pure paint.